Hamáček: “Easing the Rules on Face Masks Was a Mistake”

According to the Interior Minister and head of the Central Crisis Staff Jan Hamáček (CSSD), the easing to wear face masks was not a good solution.

Police officers recorded an increasing number of violations since the introduction of some exceptions on Tuesday, April 7th.

The Health Minister, Adam Vojtěch, and the country’s leading epidemiologist Roman Prymula have also warned Czechs that the danger is far from over.

On Wednesday, Vojtěch said that “the Czech Republic managed to stop the uncontrolled spread of the virus and the country can begin to prepare for a return to normal life.” Probably, that statement was too optimistic.

Hamáček added that the Crisis Staff is not planning any further relaxation. “As many people as possible should still wear face masks,” he added.

In Prague from Tuesday to Friday, police officers recorded 1872 violations of rules. 1716 concerned about the lack of face masks.

Hobby markets that opened over Easter were also reported to be packed with people.


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