Half of Czechs Fear Support For Green Measures Will Harm Economy

Czechs want to protect the climate but are worried about the economy as slightly more than half of them (52%) believe the EU Green Deal will harm it, according to a survey presented by the STEM agency on Tuesday (20 September).

But Czech citizens also have limited knowledge of the Green Deal, as just 12% of those surveyed knew its targets.

Among everyone surveyed, a third said they wanted a strengthened Green Deal, while a third said they wanted it completely abolished or at least limited. Another third said they had no opinion.

The survey also pointed to half the respondents associating the Green Deal with air and landscape quality improvements.

“But they do not associate it with an improvement in their economic situation. And that, especially today, is a serious deficiency,” the survey’s authors said.

Czech citizens also want the state to invest more in sustainable measures, such as renewable energy sources, according to the study called “Czech (non)transformation 2022”.

Meanwhile, Environment Minister Anna Hubáčková said that all social groups, including low-income households, must have access to financial support for renewables or energy-saving measures.

She added that few possibilities exist for low-income households to improve their heating or electricity systems due to their constrained budgets, but this has to be changed as soon as possible.

Hubáčková’s ministry wants to focus the financial support scheme on low-income households and provide them with advisory assistance in energy matters as well.

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