Great News! Reproduction Number Drops to 0.8

The reproduction number R in the Czech Republic dropped to 0.8, according to the Institute for Health Information and Statistics.

The coronavirus reproduction rate indicates the average number of people one sick person can infect. When the rate is equal to or below 1, a region can start to ease restrictions, provided there are enough vacant hospital beds.

Once the rate drops below 0.8, a region can enter the second phase of reopening, and when the rate falls below 0.5, the third phase can begin.

The former Minister of Health Roma Prymula said the value of 0.8 was the target set by the Czech government from which it is possible to start considering the gradual loosening of measures.

In September and October, the R0 number was around 1.5 for some time. However, it has been gradually declining since mid-October.

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Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (YES) spoke in a similar vein the day before. At that time, the government decided to introduce distance school education, restrict gatherings or close bars and restaurants.

The Czech Republic reported 8,925 new coronavirus cases for November 11, Health Ministry data showed on Thursday, well below a record daily tally registered a week ago.

Meanwhile, the Ministers of Health and Education, Jan Blatný (ANO) and Robert Plaga (ANO) have announced that the government will reopen the first and second grades of elementary schools on November 18.

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Pfizer vaccine

Pfizer and German biotech firm BioNTech revealed on November 9 that their coronavirus vaccine was more than 90 percent effective in preventing Covid-19 among those without evidence of prior infection.

The vaccine could become available in the Czech Republic next April, say experts.

“Blanket vaccination for all the citizens could be possible in one year, said Libor Grubhoffer, professor of molecular and cellular biology and genetics.

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