Great News: Prague International Marathon Will Start from Wenceslas Square!

The most prestigious Czech sporting event is almost here, as the 27th Prague International Marathon will take place on May 7.

And the organizers have great news about this year‘s edition: Thousands of runners will set off on the world’s most beautiful 42 kilometres from the Wenceslas Square.

“Compared to previous years, when the race start was at the Old Town Square, we have now managed to arrange with Prague representatives to start in the lower part of Wenceslas Square, at Můstek, which brings  several advantages. The main ones are the strategic location and even more space and comfort for our runners,” said Carlo Capalbo, President of the RunCzech organizing committee, which has risen to first place in the number of races awarded with World Athletics Labels.

RunCzech has been organizing marathon runs in Prague for over a quarter of a century. Due to this, the Czech capital has risen among the top 10 cities in the world in terms of race quality and popularity among people. And it is no wonder.

A well-prepared event, a beautiful course and spectacular performances have become commonplace at the Prague International Marathon.

This time the prestigious event will break out at the second-largest square in the Czech Republic. “We have already received a lot of reactions, and it is obvious that the competitors and our fans have responded to this news very positively. By starting from the Wenceslas Square we will offer them a slightly different but still unique experience,” said Carlo Capalbo.

The Marathon Festival will begin on May 4 at the Prague Exhibition Center, where Marathon Expo, the largest sports fair in the Czech Republic, returns after four years.

Visitors will be able to enter Pavilions B, C and D free of charge and will be able to find out about new products in the field of running equipment and accessories, healthy nutrition, prevention and regeneration and enjoy a varied accompanying program. Runners can also pick up their bibs there. 

After the sold-out Prague Half Marathon, there are left the last registrations for the biggest race of the season (

Those who do not feel ready for the challenging 42 km can sign up for the 2Run, in which each of the pair will run a distance of 21 km.

The famous event also includes the National Marathon Championship and the dm family mile.

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