Government to Decide on Stores Reopening at an Extraordinary Meeting on Thursday

Stores Reopening czechia

The impact of the first phase of resumption of work of establishments will be evaluated, and the future reopening schedule will be presented, said Karel Havlíček, Minister of Industry and Trade.

Last Monday marked the first phase of easing of previously introduced restrictions. The government decided to implement the so-called rotational learning for pupils of the first grade of primary schools.

Preschoolers could attend kindergartens once again, and special schools returned to normal teaching.

Children’s clothing and footwear shops, stationery stores and some services such as locksmiths, dry cleaners, and laundries had welcomed their customers for the first time in months. 

If the pandemic situation develops well, the government will present the plan for the reopening of other facilities. According to Havlíček, the cabinet is to wait for ten days from April 12th to assess whether the measures taken were adequate.

“If the situation develops well and if the incidence goes to the key threshold that we have agreed upon – that is 100 [cases] per week for 100,000 people, we are ready to present the system of loosening of restrictions in regard to shops and services on Thursday,” Minister said.

“On Thursday, the government will meet to assess the figures that relate to the influence of Easter [on the development of the pandemic]. If we observe that the epidemiological situation allows it, we will decide on further easing,” said Petr Arenberger, Czech Minister of Health, after the government meeting on Monday.

According to earlier statements of ministers, cancellation of precautions should take place every two weeks. The last time the cabinet eased the measures on April 12th. The next round of easing is thus expected on April 26th.

The operation of shops and services was last allowed by the government for about three weeks in December. After Christmas, however, most stores could not open because of the worsening pandemic situation.

As a result, swimming pools, fitness centers, saunas, and services such as hairdressers and beauty salons were not allowed to function.

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