Government to Announce New Measures: Czech Restaurants and Pubs to Close by 10 pm?

czech state of emergency 2021

This morning, Health Minister Adam Vojtěch had a briefing with the incoming government to discuss the introduction of new measures. Vojtěch again said that the introduction of more stringent measures is necessary.

Cabinet in resignation of Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (YES) will discuss tightening measures on Thursday afternoon due to the deteriorating epidemiological situation in the fight against Covid-19.

What to expect?

A state of emergency is expected to be declared. According to, the ministers are to vote on a ban on sports and other events or the closing of bars and restaurants at 10 pm. There are also going to be restrictions on Christmas markets.

According to information from ČTK, the government is expected to declare a state of emergency with almost immediate effect, ie probably from Friday, and soon after, the measures related to it will also come into force.

As for the new measures, he said it would be a reduction in contacts, not complete closure of the country. Major sporting and cultural events should be curtailed. Bars and restaurants should also be closed after 10 pm.

Closing the Christmas markets is also possible, but an exception could be made for those held outdoors.

Fiala: Society must learn to live with Covid

Society must learn to live with Covid-19 and this epidemic wave cannot be halted, but its impacts can be reduced to protect the health-care system from collapse, incoming Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala (Civic Democrats, ODS) told reporters on Wednesday.

Fiala is to be appointed as prime minister on Friday. The future government representatives presented their plan of measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus in the country today. They called on citizens to limit their social contacts. They are of the view that the public health offices should tackle the epidemic based on the current situation. They may, for instance, restrict the number of people at public events, they added.


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