Go Extreme! Adrenaline Sports in Prague & Beyond

If – like so many people these days – your work involves sitting at a desk much of the time, it’s only natural to want to break free of this sedentary life and get outside to do something entirely different.

Prague is filled with activities that will get you out of the chair and into a whole new adventure.


Here’s one not for the faint of heart! Up, up, and away – and then you plummet back towards the earth at a heart-stopping speed. Fortunately, if you use Skydiving in Prague, you have a trained instructor jumping with you, who will make sure that you arrive at your destination in the same condition in which you boarded the plane. Well, apart from a possible stain in the waist region.

Skydiving in Prague offers jumps from March through October, weather permitting. The website shows available dates for jumping. Meet your group near Old Town Square, from where you will be transported to an airport north of the city. Your jump will be photographed or videotaped by a professional.

Private flights

Wind Ride offers sightseeing flights of various scenic areas of the Czech Republic. For those with strong stomachs, aerobatic flights are offered, giving you the chance to see how much you can take. These flights, which cost 249 euros, last 20 minutes. Do you have what it takes? Try it!


Paintball Prague lets you dress up, run around, aim at your friends, and splatter them with dye. Games vary from zombie invasions to Napoleonic battles to capture the flag. Players receive digital photos of their game free of charge. Stag parties are welcome; after the game, you can relax with a cold beer or three and some snacks from a nearby farm. All the organizers speak English.

Bungee Jumping

Jump! Just make sure you have the cords firmly attached first. Active Czech offers bungee jumps from a bridge over the Hačka river valley. The jump is 62 meters high. Jumps can be booked on the website. The cost is 95 euros. The company will pick you up at a prearranged location, drive you to the site, and drive you back after the jump.

White Water Rafting

A very popular sport in the United States, which has myriad wild rivers upon which to try your skills (in rafting and in keeping your head above water if you’re thrown out of the boat), this sport is also available in the Czech Republic. Through the aforementioned company Active Czech, rafting enthusiasts can experience a course on the ordinarily staid Vltava River. Rafting is offered even in the winter, with the attraction of a session in a hot tub at the end of the adventure.

Military Adrenaline Activities

The company Tankodrom Milovice provides army training drills, a shooting range, the opportunity to drive military vehicles, and paintball games. True to its name, it has 6 tanks available for driving. It also offers a corporate event that helps to improve communication and build teamworking skills. Tailored programs are available, based on the client’s wishes.

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