Ghost Hunting in Prague – A New Way To See The City

With its rich history and culture, it’s not surprising that there are many rumors and tales of ghosts, ghouls, apparitions, and haunted sites around Prague’s city center. Whether you believe in mysterious events and ghosts, or not, there is now and an interactive map showing you exactly where the different phantoms may be found.

With more than 100 spirits allegedly presiding over the old city, the hunt is on. But now, you do not have to aimlessly wander to find a spooky experience, just use the map. You can even bring it up on your smartphone. The interactive map can be found here.

Whether in town for a couple days, or for large expat community, this is a refreshing way to see the city, giving you the ability to see the city from a new light.

The map will bring you all over the city, from infamous locations like Prague Castle to lesser known churches and houses, there are plenty of legends to explore. The interactive site does more than just tell you where to find ghosts, but it tells you the story behind each one, making this an interesting and unique way to explore the city. Or, maybe you know the exact ghoul you are looking for, just click on the search bar, type it in, and go see if you find anything eerie.

For example, maybe you overheard something about the Mad Barber of Karlova Street, go to the map, search the name, and read the legend. Maybe you will find him wandering down Karlova Street, with a panicked look on his face. If you do, consider letting him give you a shave—according to legend it will set him free. Or, maybe you learn that a drop of blood will bring the statue of St. Wenceslas alive.

While of course many of these might be myths, tall tales, and exaggerated stories, they still tell an interesting story about Prague’s past and present.

If you’re finding yourself running out of locations to check out, or you are not siting any ghosts on your adventures, there are other ways to explore Prague’s supernatural side. There are guided tours of haunted sites around Prague, as well as the Muzeum pražských pověstí a strašidel, a small, interactive museum where you can learn more about the spirits and tales around Prague.

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