Getting a Cheaper Bike in Prague

Moving to a new country or just a city can be stressful. There are lots of things that need to be done, you most likely don’t know the area and everything is new for you.

Having a bike on hand can be very useful. Don’t let people say that cycling in Prague is dangerous discourage you from getting a bike. A good start can be bike-sharing. This way you can try if you’ll be comfortable commuting on a bike in the city. There are the pink bikes run by Rekola, you can download their app and try them for yourself.

These bikes are great if you need to use a bike here and there, but if you´re planning on discovering the city and its surroundings from behind the handlebars, getting a bike is probably the way to go. There are plenty of bike shops offering new bikes, but you can also get a second-hand bike. 

When getting a cheaper used bike, there are a few things you should pay attention to. First and foremost it’s important to check that there are no cracks on the frame and that the frame is not damaged or banded. Check the handlebars, deeply scratched hoods or brakes suggest the bike was involved in a crash, if that’s the case you should be careful.

When it comes to components, Personally I prefer bikes equipped with Shimano components. Some cheaper bikes, especially from companies like Decathlon use components by smaller or unknown brands and that can be an issue when you need to replace a component, especially with the current parts shortage. You don’t want to buy a bike and then not to be able to ride it for a weeks because there is no derailleur that works with your shifters on the market etc.

If you´re looking for a used bike here in Prague, I recommend checking Facebook’s Marketplace or, which is an online marketplace focusing on second-hand bikes and cycling equipment.

When you’re buying an older, second hand bike it isn’t a good call to have a professional service done on the bike, to make sure the bike is safe to ride. This service will most likely cost you between 1-2 thousand Czech crowns. So make sure you add this expense to your bike budget.

Another option is to buy a second-hand bike from a bike shop. This bike will be serviced and some bike shops such as ours offer one season warranty on second-hand bikes.

We in Pavé Cycles offer vintage bikes and focus on custom bike builds, so you can even combine the two, get a bike you like and then we can customize such a bike to your needs. If you´re into vintage bikes you can check our offering on our Instagram. If you’re in doubt on what bike to get, stop by our shop or read one of our older articles where we discussed how to choose the right bike for you.

About Me

I’m a lifelong cyclist who runs a small independent bike shop in Prague’s Žižkov. My riding abilities range from mountain biking all the way to BMX. I spent several years living in one of Europe’s cycling capitals, Copenhagen. Together with my friend I attempted to cycle from Europe to Japan and had to stop due to the pandemics.

Those two months on the bike gave me an understanding of bike-packing. If you’re new to cycling, looking for cycling partners, or need anything related to cycling, you can text me or stop by my shop Pavé Cycles for coffee or a public bike ride.

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