Gay Parents Recognized by Czech Court in Historical Ruling

gay couple czechia

The Czech supreme court has ruled that two gay partners should be legally recognized as the fathers of a surrogate child.

The child was born a few months ago to a surrogate mother in California through artificial insemination. The California authorities subsequently recognized both Czechs as the newborn’s parents.

The judges ruled that the biological link between a parent and a child should not be the only determining element, maintaining parental responsibility may have a greater role in the recognition of the parenthood legal status.

It is the first time that, in the history of Czech law, a court recognizes two fathers and the necessity of safeguarding the needs of the child.

A ruling recognizing parenthood of both men was brought by the Supreme Court on May 2. With the verdict, the lawyer turned to the Czech authorities to issue the birth certificate.

Roughly three-quarters of Czechs agree with the possibility to conclude marriage irrespective of sexual orientation and three-fifths are for the gay and lesbian couples adopting children from institutes, according to a poll conducted by the Median agency. Meanwhile, 61 percent believe same-sex couples should be able to adopt children, where just two years ago respondents had been evenly split.

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