Game On! New Arcade Games Just Opened in the Center of Prague

gamecity prague

If youre old enough to remember playing games at the local video arcade, then you know theres nothing like crowding around a machine and pounding those buttons with all your might.

You probably spent your childhood dreaming of having one of those arcade game machines in your home, and now that youre an adult, you can make it a reality.

In fact, Gamecity recently entered the Czech market, opening a new location in the center of Prague in Hamleys (Na Příkopě street) And dreaming about opening an even bigger version, Gamestate, in the future!

From retro Pac-man and air-hockey to dance dance revolution, Gamestate\Gamecity is the place to entertain all the family with a healthy dose of competition.

On an area of 350 m2, Gamecity offers you more than 20 arcade games – from Mario Kart, through Jurassic Park, Airhockey, Moto GP, Nerf, and many more!

We are really excited to bring our futuristic arcade & concept to Prague and give the people here a whole new experience,” says Leroy Dijkstra, marketing director, and manager of operations of Gamestate and Gamecity.

Winners onlyis the credo of this arcade chain and there are tons of redeemable tickets that you can collect if youre great at funfair-style skill games.

The tickets are exchangeable for great prizes! Anyone who enters is a winner. Those who exit even more.

The price for one game is from 19 to 39 CZK while the game credits are for CZK 250, CZK 500, or CZK 1,500.

The first Gamestate opened in the Netherlands in 2013 in Kerkrade. Now, eight years later, they have 8 arcades in a handful of big Dutch cities, including Amsterdam, Utrecht, and Rotterdam.

gamecity prague
Photo: Gamecity Prague


gamecity prague
Photo: Gamecity Prague

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