Gambling In Prague: Casinos, Sports Betting & Herna Bars

In the past few decades, Prague has become one of the most popular weekend break destinations in Europe. The ‘City of a Thousand Spires’ as it is known, is one of Europe’s true architectural gems and is as rich in culture as it is in heritage.

However, it is the allure of cheap alcohol, accommodation and welcoming locals that have helped springboard Prague as one of the hottest tourism spots on the continent. Every weekend, Hradcany and Mala Strana is packed out with stag dos, hen dos and travelling sports clubs.

Although to say that thrifty visitors come for the Pilsner Urquell alone would be wrong, there is something else enticing groups of foreigners to Prague every weekend – gambling. Three years ago, gambling laws in the Czech Republic were modernised, leading to a boom in the industry.

Online gambling in particular should have benefitted from the change in the laws, with a more relaxed stance being taken, however, only a small section of the Czech gambling market is regulated, although unlicensed operators are rarely challenged. If you do opt to play online, you should do so while playing with a trusted name like 888 Casino, their wide variety of exhilarating games make it the best online casino to prepare you for your visit to some of the venues mentioned below.

So, let’s take a look at the options available to you and provide you with some much need information:

Casino Ambassador

Vaclavske namesti

Probably the best and most interesting of the 20 casinos in Prague. Ambassadors is owned by a multi-national company that has similar venues all around the world, most notably in London.

Because of this, there is a real universal feel to the gambling facilities, making it much more similar to a Vegas-style casino than the other venues you’ll find in Prague. You can dabble in Texas Hold ‘Em and Oasis Poker or take advantage of the numerous slot machines and blackjack tables.

Gambling laws in the Czech Republic prohibit casinos from supplying guests with complimentary food and drinks. However, as Ambassadors doubles up as a hotel you will find a wide range of options available whilst gaming.

There’s no dress code at this casino and they even often beginner packages for new gamblers, so you rest assured that even the novices in your group will have a good time. The nearest metro is Mustek, which is within comfortable walking distance.

Banco Casino

Na Prikope

Situated right in the centre of Prague, this venue is just one of two luxury casinos operated by the same company in the city. Unlike Ambassadors, there is a distinctly Czech feeling to Banco Casino, with the staff offering guests a typically warm Czech welcome.

Inside you will find a healthy blend of both foreign visitors and local gamblers, indulging in a selection of great games. American roulette is the most catered for game in Banco, with 6 tables operated by the casino’s hugely professional staff.

Banco prides itself on encouraging their clients to enjoy themselves, regardless of their fortunes at the tables. Therefore, you won’t be flanked by pushy staff encouraging you to up your bets.

If you need some time to relax or regroup your thoughts, you’ll find various areas in the casino to do so. It’s a great place for a laid-back evening of gambling and fun.

Banco Casino, a laid-back yet luxurious gambling venue

Viva Casino

V Celnici

10 minutes walk from Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square, you will find the 5-star Marriot hotel which is home to Viva Casino. The venue was recently bought and subsequently changed its name to Viva from Millennium.

The new owners have installed an English management team who have focused on marketing the casino to casual tourists. As such you will experience a very laid-back, international vibe to this casino.

Viva is slightly smaller than the other casinos mentioned so far in this article, but that is no barrier to the fun. The casino regularly hosts live daily events, tournaments and lotteries to keep guests entertained.

Sports Betting

Just like any other major European city, Prague is full of sports betting shops where you can place bets on a whole host of sports games. However, if you’re not fluent in Czech and are just visiting for a short amount of time, you will probably find doing that too much hassle.

Online gambling is legal in the city so you can place your regular bets from the comfort of your mobile device. However, there are a number of sports bars around the city where you can watch live sports action and place bets at the same time.

If the thrill of betting in-play on live sporting action is your thing, then the options on offer in Prague will be music to your ears.

Herna Bars

If casinos are the glamorous gambling option and sports betting in bars is the fun option, then gambling in a Herna bar is certainly the seedy option. These establishments can be spotted by their large ‘NON-STOP’ signs and their dimly-lit store fronts.

You can grab a beer and pizza or other fast food options in Herna bars as well as placing sports bets, playing slots or participating in a cash game of poker. Whilst some of these bars are of good standing, others can be slightly less salubrious.

If you do win money in some of the more run-down Herna bars, you might find yourself facing long odds of leaving with all your winnings intact…


Apart from Herna bars, Prague is a city full of great and safe gambling options that combine fun with relaxation. The casinos in the city are either glamorous and opulent or quaint and calm.

The sports bar betting facilities also allow for a more fun way to bet on live football, rugby and basketball. All in all, Prague is a great place to gamble, giving you just another reason to visit the city on your next weekend break.

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