Gambling holidays in the best cities in the Czech Republic: features and tips

Modern nové casino online offers their users a huge variety of entertainment, interesting slots, and a variety of bonuses. However, even avid gamblers often want to go on holiday and change the scenery.

But even on holiday, you don’t have to give up your own hobbies.

A holiday in the Czech Republic isn’t just about charming old streets, Kraft beer, and local casinos. Gambling is legal in the country. Local gambling houses abound. Smaller gambling clubs with slots, as well as chic casinos can be found on the streets of Polish cities.

The virtual gaming platform Super Cat Casino offers users the widest range of machines from leading developers. However, only when visiting a land-based gambling establishment gambler can truly feel the atmosphere of excitement.

Regulation of gambling in the Czech Republic

A law regulating the gambling market in the Czech Republic was adopted in the autumn of 2016.

The document envisaged the introduction of regulatory rules. It established licensing rules as well as a procedure for checking the identity of players.

The role of the local regulator is performed by a special department under the Ministry of Finance. A special section regulating the gambling industry is available on the official website of the department. The Czech Ministry of Finance annually publishes data on the state of the industry and also publishes a list of locally licensed operators and a blacklist of unfair casinos prohibited in the country.

Casinos on land

There is a huge variety of land-based casinos in the Czech Republic. However, the most popular among travelers are the casinos located in Prague and Karlovy Vary.

Prague’s gambling establishments

There are more than a dozen large casinos in the Czech capital. Many of them are located in the historic part of the city. Most of them offer not only gambling but also bars with a wide range of drinks and restaurants with local specialties. Here is a list of casinos worth checking out:

Banco Casino – Located in the heart of the city, this establishment occupies a historic building.

There are tables with American Roulette, Texas Holdem, Banco Poker, and a room with slot machines. There is also a poker room, which hosts regular card tournaments. And all this in a luxurious setting.

Atrium Casino – There are two Prague gaming establishments, one next to the National Museum and the other at the Hilton Hotel. Players can play American Roulette, Blackjack, Punto Banco, and Texas Holdem. There is also a separate slot machine room. By the way, Atrium Casino was the
venue for the famous European Poker Tour tournament in 2007.

Ambassador Casino is based at the hotel and runs under the same name in the heart of Prague. This is the first time the casino offers full dusk-to-dawn service. You can play blackjack, American roulette, Oasis poker, and slot machines. There are also special offers for guests, such as a Casino +

Card casino Prague is a place that will please fans of card games. It hosts some of the biggest poker tournaments in the capital. At the entrance, all visitors are required to have their passports checked and to comply with the dress code.

Casino in Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary is the tourist center of the Czech Republic. The legendary spa has become a kind of local Monte Carlo. It is not only holidaymakers who come here for their relaxation, but also for its enormous variety of gambling facilities. Many luxury hotels have their own casino with card and
roulette tables, as well as slot machines.

One of the most luxurious casinos is operated by the Carlsbad Plaza Hotel. This casino is managed by the operator Slot Casino, which is well established in the local market. There is a wealth of entertainment for players. Players are given the opportunity to bet in blackjack, stadium poker, roulette, and so on. There is also a room with a large selection of slot machines in the establishment. Visitors can bet in euros or crowns.

The casino at the Grandhotel Pupp is considered the most famous in Karlovy Vary. It is here where the famous James Bond film Casino Royale was shot. The place is open daily from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m.

Visitors are encouraged to wager on various variations of poker (one of the most popular among gamblers is Oasis Stud), roulette, blackjack, and more. The establishment accepts euros and Czech crowns.

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