GALLERY: Tachovské náměstí in Prague 3 is Awaiting Complete Revitalization

Prague 3 City Hall handed over Žižkov’s Tachovské náměstí for revitalization, which will begin in a month.

A seating area with benches is to be created on the site soon, new trees will be planted and the underpass and former public toilets will be removed.

“From a technical point of view, Tachovské náměstí will be so-called ‘straightened.’ In addition, new trees will be planted, flower beds and a rest area including benches will be made here,” said Michal Šrámek, head of the Department of Technical Property Management and Investments, on Facebook.

It will be created on the site of public toilets built in 1971, which no longer function. There will be a work of art created on the retaining wall of the tunnel, which will be completed in the form of a public contract.

“As part of the repair of Tachovské náměstí, the historical pump will also be reconstructed and the historical scale will also be restored.

Another will be a new drinking fountain,” added Jan Materna (TOP 09), councilor of the city district.

In the square, there will also be residential platforms along the houses with the possibility of installing gardens, barrier-free access to the bike path, the underpass will disappear, the lawn area will lead to the vineyard, and waste containers will be placed underground.

“The square reduced its area six times, and until 1945 there used to be a municipal scale. Then it is known that the communists won and started building. Tachovské náměstí is special in that it is relatively small, yet a lot has been built here. The biggest intervention was the construction of the tunnel, which made the square impassable from one side to the other,” district representative Michal Vronský (TOP 09) explained on the website.

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