‘FuckCovid’ Provides Free Advice for Struggling Businesses

Photo: Praha.eu

Lucia Janovcová and Korena Flanagan have no problem giving Covid the finger. The two marketing and communication specialists launched a service to provide free advice for businesses impacted by the pandemic. To make the message crystal clear – they called it F_CK COVID

“We called it fuckcovid because that really is how everyone is feeling – especially if you have your own business,” co-founder Lucia Janovcová explained. 

Once small businesses register for free, they’ll have access to a remote marketing and communications session, help getting started on a plan, and be featured on the site’s Buy Local page.

The pair want to provide fresh ideas for businesses struggling to manage this uncertainty to give them back some control. Janovcová said the idea came from the frustration of isolation: “Like everyone we are sick of this disease. We are sick of being locked up and we are sick of people not wearing masks and washing their hands,” she said.

“We had a choice – get angry on the couch or do something to help. So we started this service.

Janovcová said she often gets asked why they are offering the service for free. “The answer is pretty simple – to give COVID the finger. We are all suffering and it sucks. If we can help businesses recover from this horrible pandemic then we have kicked 2020´s butt.

“We are encouraging other services to help out as well. If you are an expert and you can help out another business – join the movement and help us give COVID the finger.”

Slovakian born Janovcová works in event marketing. She previously handled partnership development with businesses in Asia and Europe, including the Hong Kong Trade Development Council. She wants to give some of her knowledge back to help people weather the crisis, along with her friend Korena Flanagan. 

Flanagan is a communications consultant with a background in political strategy and communication. She was once the strategy advisor to Australia’s first female Prime Minister. 

“The response has been incredible. We are helping all kinds of businesses from start-up retailers to established brands from across Europe and the UK,” she explains. 

“This is our own small act of defiance against this horrible disease that is trying to kill us and our businesses.”



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