From Today Facemasks Are No Longer Required Outside

Photo: Nguyen Phuong Thao

From today, June 15, Czechs will mostly no longer need to wear face masks in public spaces, even when people are close to each other.

The requirement to wear facemasks will remain in place in the following cases:

  • in all interiors of buildings, except for places of residence
  • on all forms of public transport
  • when participating in mass outdoor events at a distance of under 1.5 meters from others unless they are members of your household.

Since today, mass events up to 2,500 persons will be allowed, provided the event venue can be divided into sections (up to 500 people) with their own entrance and facilities, such as sports stadiums. Safe distances of 1.5m must be maintained.

Vendors at farmers’ markets can also now sell food ready-to-eat, but shoppers should keep a distance of 2 meters.

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As of June 8, terraces of restaurants will be able to remain open even after 11 pm, it will be possible to try on clothes at outdoor markets and the number of people who may be in the zoo, botanical garden or grounds of castles is increased to 250 per hectare.

In exhibition halls, castles, theatres, cinemas, concert halls and circuses can be now up to 500 persons.

The obligation of social distancing in auditoriums of theatres and cinemas and the obligation of visitors of swimming pools to wear a protective mask is abolished.

The Czech Republic has reported a total of 9,991 cases and 328 deaths. To date, about two-thirds of people infected have recovered from the novel coronavirus. Active cases have steadily declined.

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