From Europe to New York City, Here Are Some Incredible Things to Know!

As the world is starting to open up again, now is a great time for a vacation! And what better place to visit than New York City?

As one of the biggest cities in the world, NYC has everything you can imagine. There’s the glitz of Broadway, the glamor of uptown shopping, and the thrill of the city’s many exciting events and attractions. There’s no shortage of new things to see in NYC.

That said, there’s also a lot to learn before you consider traveling to NYC. A trip without any research can be daunting, as there’s so much to see and do but a lot of rules for how you should go about seeing and doing it. Every industry runs in a distinct way, resulting in some attractions that require tickets, some needing reservations, others only being open at certain times, and even some that are purely seasonal. It’s best to tackle NYC with a good deal of information at the ready.

It’s also just fun to learn about a different place! NYC is a fascinating study in how a huge amount of people cram into a small amount of space and the different laws, cultures, and ideas come from that. So here are some incredible facts about New York City to start your day!

You Can’t Honk Your Horn, But You Can Go Shirtless In Public

Yes, despite the fact that NYC is known for the sound of cars honking at each other repeatedly, doing so is actually illegal. The police can actually ticket people who honk too much or any other excessive noise with their car. The fine for such an offense is known to go up to $350. The only exception is in an emergency situation where one might need to clear other cars out of the way to let responders pass.

Yet while honking is illegal, it is perfectly okay to walk around topless. This applies to people of all genders. This is in contrast to many other areas in the USA where women’s breasts are considered “privates” and therefore cannot be displayed in public. That said, it’s not common to see people walking around NYC with no shirt on.

Sports Betting Is Legal In NYC With Apps (And Kiosks Coming Soon)

The USA is on a kick with sports betting lately, as new laws are being passed to legalize it in different areas of the country. New York is one of the newer adopters. App-based betting is now legal, as is casino sports betting. There are deals being made to put betting kiosks in Madison Square Garden, the home of NY’s hockey and basketball teams. New York sports betting has been very successful so far, with many of the city’s millions of residents taking part.

The Empire State Building Is A Giant Lightning Rod

This iconic NYC landmark is a giant skyscraper with a pointy antenna at the top. So it’s probably no surprise that the Empire State Building gets struck by lightning several times a year. About 25 times a year, to be precise. Fortunately for the people who work in the building, the top is built to absorb the electricity, meaning the ESB doesn’t lose power whenever there’s a thunderstorm.

The First Pizzeria Ever To Open In The USA Is Still Open Today In NYC

Lombardi’s Pizza on 32 Spring Street is actually the first pizza place to ever open in the country, and it came to be in NYC. It’s now over 100 years old, having opened in 1905. The pizza is apparently still good today, as it was once Zagat rated “Best on the Planet.”

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