From the Airport to City Center by Taxi: Prague is Europe’s 5th-Cheapest

Analysing data provided by, the average price to travel from the city centre to the main airport (or vice versa) for 14 European capital cities has been calculated, taking into consideration price per mile, base fares, and distance*.

Which cities are the cheapest?
For the cheapest airport transfer, results show that Lisbon is the place to be – for a 5.4km journey from the city’s airport to the centre will cost travellers a mere 5.79 euros. In second place is Ankara – Turkey’s capital will set you back only 13.64 euros for a 26.5km journey.

Meanwhile, the remaining top countries for cheap travel are as follows: Madrid (18.56 euros), Berlin (20.10 euros), Prague (21.31 euros), Vienna (23.75 euros) and Athens (26.45 euros).

Which cities are the most expensive?
Taxi2Airport can reveal that, at a whopping 52.07 euros (20.8km journey), Amsterdam tops the table as the most expensive capital city to reach, from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The next most expensive city is, less surprisingly, London at 50.60 euros for 25.6km – dropping you off at London Heathrow. In third place is Stockholm. The city’s low fares of 1.13 euros (and 4.22 euros base fee) are unfortunately cancelled out by the distance required to reach its airport, Stockholm Arlanda Airport (40.3km) – as such, the overall total becomes 49.76 euros.

Finally, the remaining expensive cities are: Bern (43.84 euros), Paris (42.73 euros), Rome (36 euros) and Brussels (26.88 euros).

Results include:

  • Lisbon’s airport transfers are the cheapest, costing only 5.79 euros.
  • Amsterdam is the most expensive city – to reach Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and or back costs a shocking 52.07 euros.
  • Costing 50.60 euros to reach Heathrow and or back, London has the second most expensive taxi fare.
  • Stockholm has the third most expensive taxi services, costing 49.76 euros.
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