Four Fall Trips in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is probably the most beautiful during fall when all the parks and forests are immersed in fall colors. There are various places to go to enjoy this picturesque season.

The following four may be the best spots to enjoy autumn.

Bohemian Switzerland

This magical landscape is beautiful all year long but during Autumn it transforms into a full-blown fairy tale. The Czech Switzerland National Park is located in the north-western region of the Czech Republic and transcends the Czech-German border. Various castles have been built atop the sandstone mountains.

Some of the most famous sights are the largest natural sandstone arch in Europe, a rock ravine, a rock labyrinth and the rock castle. During autumn the scenic mountains are outlined with fall-colored trees. It’s relatively easy to get to this region. It’s a 90-minute drive from Prague or you can take the train up to Decin and then a bus to Hrensko.


Bezděz Castle

Located in the Liberec region just North of Prague, Bezděz combines historic significance and architectural beauty. Founded between 1260 and 1280, the Gothic castle was one of the most important in the Czech Republic until it was destroyed during the Thirty Years War. The view of rolling hills and fields from the castle’s tower is extra vibrant during the fall season.

You can get to the castle by car – it’s a one-hour long drive. Other ways to get there include train or bus which can take up to four hours. You can find the journey details here. The castle is only open from the end of March until October 30th.


Orlik Castle

Orlik nad Vltavou is south-west of Prague and the chateau overlooks a large lake. Established in the 14th century, Orlik Castle has an adjoining park covering 143 hectares. In the summer you can take a 40-minute boat ride down to Zvíkov castle. During fall, it is harder to travel between the two castles but the red, orange and yellow leaves offer breathtaking views.

It is slightly difficult to get to without planning ahead of time. Buses can take you from Smíchovské nádraží to Lhota. Just make sure to keep an eye out on the bus back, as it leaves early. There’s also an option to camp when it’s warm. Autumn is the best time to walk around, sit by the lake and admire the changing colors.


Ještěd and the spot where three countries meet

The only thing that can make a cable car ride more beautiful is a fall-colored forest below. Ještěd is a mountain over 1,000 meters high with a hotel sitting on top. If you’ve seen the views before and want to discover something new in the area, hop on the train and go just a few stops to the point where the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany meet.

Located north-east of Prague, this area is surrounded by forests which are especially beautiful during fall. You can get to Ještěd by bus from Cerny Most to Liberec. Trains go there too but require many transfers.

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