Four Direct Flights to Be Added from Prague Airport

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New flights will be introduced to Seville, Gdansk, Rimini in Italy, and the Greek island of Skiathos by the low-cost airline Ryanair.

In the summer of 2023, the frequency of weekly flights to and from Prague operated by the Irish airline will increase to 285, 22 percent more than last summer.

Ryanair’s management expects to carry around 2.3 million passengers during these flights. In addition to the new flights, the airline will increase the frequency of existing flights to 15 additional destinations.

“We are delighted that Ryanair is able to continue to expand the range of destinations and the number of weekly flights during the summer schedule. Together we are contributing to the renewal of air traffic,” says Jaroslav Filip, Director of Air Commerce at Prague Airport.

The new destinations will be served twice a week. The first aircraft will start taking off to Gdansk on 29 March and will fly every Wednesday and Saturday. Flights to Rimini will also start in March, specifically on 26 March, with departures every Wednesday and Sunday.

Flights to Skiathos will start on 2 June and are scheduled for Fridays and Tuesdays, according to the flight schedule. It will be possible to fly to Seville from Prague from 1 July on Saturdays and Tuesdays.

Return tickets to Gdansk can currently be purchased for around CZK 1,000, but if you want to take the first flight to Seville, you will pay around CZK 7,000. However, another typical summer destination, the island of Skiathos, costs less than CZK 5,000 on the first date from Prague. Flights to Rimini, are priced at the same level as Gdansk.

March also saw new routes with other carriers. Eurowings resumed operations on routes to Barcelona, Malaga, Rome, Birmingham, Funchal in Madeira, and also to Oslo.

Volotea started flying to Nantes, France, Easyjet to Porto, and Czech Smartwings to Mallorca.

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