Foreigners Wanted for Attacking Quadrio Waiter Arrested at Prague Airport

Yesterday evening Prague police arrested at the Terminal 1 the group of seven men, suspected of the Saturday attack at Quadrio.

The attack took place at seven o’clock in the evening on Vladislavova Street, where seven men came and wanted to drink their alcohol. 

The waiter got into a conflict with the suspects after he brought to their attention that they were not permitted to consume alcohol they had brought with them into the garden [on the patio]. The group of seven men then attacked restaurant personnel and knocked one waiter down, where they beat him with fists and repeatedly kicked him. When the victim was lying on the ground unconscious, they fled from there onto tram number 14 and rode away in the direction of the Charles Square, the police spokesman recounted.

The waiter ended up in the hospital in the intensive care unit in a very serious condition and had to undergo a head surgery.

The culprits could face up to ten years in jail for grievous bodily harm and disturbing the peace.

Here the full video of the attack.

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