Prague Mayor in Favour of Floating Pool on the Vltava

floating pool prague

Prague Mayor Zdeněk Hřib is asking the citizens of Prague to vote their opinion on whether a new floating pool should be built on the Vltava.

So far there are 1.1k reactions to the post with a majority positive response.

Hřib explains on his Facebook page that this new pool could be an “attractive and unique addition to the city bringing style and charm”. 

He poses the argument that this could be a stylish addition to Náplavka area, which was recently a finalist in the 40 Best Buildings in Europe in a competition announced by the European Commission

He explains that he is seeking financial support from the European Commission for the rejuvenation of public spaces around the city: “We already managed to negotiate 4 billion CZK which will contribute towards several projects, revitalising public spaces for the people of Prague,” says Hřib.

Last year, the “Floating pool” project was named Jury Winner in the Sports & Recreation: Unbuilt Sports & Recreation category by the prestigious Architizer platform.

The floating facility is designed around the transformation of a cargo ship, by reducing its existing superstructure and adding a new part connected to the ship’s system of existing ribs.

And while Prague has a number of great options for swimmers – both indoor and out – you can’t beat seeing the sights from the city’s central embankments.

Floating pools on major European rivers already exist, in such cities as Vienna and Berlin (Berlin’s popular Badeschiff on the Spree river is pictured above).

The idea may have originated in Copenhagen; a series of popular Harbour Baths that includes four swimming pools opened in the Danish capital about fifteen years ago.

Historically, people used to swim in the Vltava. The building Občanská plovárna, which now has a restaurant and jazz club, used to be one of the places where people could access an enclosed area of the river. Franz Kafka was among the patrons. Deteriorating water quality, though, made swimming in the unfiltered water unsafe.

People still do swim in the Vltava on occasion, such as the annual Saint Stephen’s Day swim on Dec. 26. This has been taking place for more than half a century, with people jumping into the icy water.


floating pool prague

floating pool prague

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