The Floating Swimming Pool at Náplavka Could be Built Within Next Two Years

Náplavka has gradually grown in popularity thanks to the program activation that began in 2008. One of its initiators was architect Petr Janda, the author of the architectural concept.

The almost deserted riverfront area, which was also used as a car park after the floods of 2002, began to emerge as a cultural and social area and one of the most popular public spaces in Prague.

“The location of the baths echoes the historical placement of swimming pools along the Vltava embankment, with their specific connection to the Rašín embankment. The swimming pool belongs to the river “realm”,” he adds.

“Discussions are currently underway with Prague City Hall and the swimming pool could be built within the next two or three years.”

The floating facility is designed around the transformation of a cargo ship, by reducing its existing superstructure and adding a new part connected to the ship’s system of existing ribs.

The pool will offer a variety of depth levels suitable for different types of swimming, activities and user groups.

At the water surface level, the pool is divided into three parts by troughs. The individual parts are designed for children and non-swimmers (paddling, shallow depths), with a relaxation area with gargoyles and underwater elements in the central part of the pool, and for swimmers.

On July 20, the “Floating pool” project was named Jury Winner in the Sports & Recreation: Unbuilt Sports & Recreation category by the prestigious Architizer platform.



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