Five Apps to Make Your Life Easier in Prague

There are smartphone apps for pretty much anything. It can be difficult to navigate the ever-changing world of apps, so Prague Morning has chosen 5 that will help you use your phone to its fullest extent with a local touch!


This app will tell you if you can catch the subway if you turn it on as you pass the turnstiles. The countdown and a picture will show you if you can make it or not. A meditating character is a sign that you don’t have to be in a rush, a figure walking will recommend to go down the stairs, a character in shorts running tells you to move faster, and a character with crossed arms says you can’t catch the subway. The application, which works offline, was created by Ondřej Korol. This law student passed all metro stations and measured how many minutes it would take from the turnstiles to the platform.

Jízdní řády 

With this app, you can easily plan a bus or public transport ride, or search for a train. On the map, you can follow your journey with pedestrian transfers to other connections. The app also advises which car to board in, no matter how short the period until you get to your destination is. For example, if you are going from Jinonice to Novodvorská, the app will recommend you to board in the last carriage. Or if you are going to Smíchov train station, where you will change to bus 196 or 197, the last wagon is the closest to the bus stop.


If you encounter a problem in the streets of Prague – for example, a broken sidewalk, or an unlit lamp, take a picture, add a comment and location, and send the suggestion through the app. The authority usually solves the matter immediately, otherwise, you will receive a response within 30 days. This year’s innovation is the addition of the “Office Evaluation” function, which allows every citizen to provide feedback on the functioning of the authorities.

Moje Praha 

Moje Praha aims to help people around the city. The application uses Prague’s open data and makes it accessible to citizens. It provides traffic information, cultural updates, contacts and opening hours of offices, pharmacies and medical facilities, current weather conditions, playground lists, parks, and public toilets, and most importantly, emergency telephone numbers. The app can also make life easier for drivers by finding information about parking zones and parking options. At the same time, the app contains an overview of P + R (park and ride) car parks.


Untappd is a tool for anyone who likes beer. The application will advise you where the closest bar is or explore breweries and different beers. For some businesses, it will show you what they have specifically that day. If the pub does not have an online menu, you can be inspired by what others are having. You can check-in and rate the beer, keeping track of those you have tried and sharing your favorites. 

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