First Tram With New Color Scheme Spotted in Prague

tram prague new color scheme

Modern, clean, logically structured and comprehensible – we could describe the new visual identity of Prague’s public transport with these words the best.

In August last year, a jury of specialists assembled by the Czechdesign association selected the agency as the winner of a competition to develop a unified brand identity for use across all modes of transport in Prague and neighboring areas.

At the beginning of the current month, the first tram entered the streets of Prague with the new gray-red color scheme.

Red was chosen as a color inspired by an iconic T3 tram – a typical symbol for Prague, as well as because red is the color of the city logo. Grey replaced white as a base color due to the lesser visibility of dirt on vehicles that should now be “appearing cleaner”.

The new visual identity is soon going to be applied to various forms of Prague’s integrated commuter system – such as trams, buses, metro – and trains.

Gradually, over the next 15 years, the new visual identity is going to be applied to various forms of Prague’s integrated commuter system – such as trams, buses, metro, trains included in the PID transport system (Prague + Central Bohemian Region).

An exception was made only for the T3 trams – one of the symbols of Prague.

According to the Deputy Mayor of Prague, Adam Scheinherr (Praha sobě), “for existing means of transport, the paint will be replaced during major reconstructions and especially during the replenishment of the vehicle fleet – the purchase of new means of transport, where stickers and painting would still occur. The project will not incur additional costs. On the contrary, thanks to a more economical variant of a smaller number of colors, which are more resistant to normal operational pollution, we believe that it will bring savings“.

The city paid CZK 1,940,000 for the competition and the creation of a graphic manual; further implementation, according to Scheinherr, will not cost anything extra.

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