First Quadruplets in 15 Years Born in the Czech Republic

The first quadruplets in 15 years were born in Prague last week, at the maternity hospital of Motol. 

The three girls and a boy – named Anežka, Monika, Klára, and Ondřej are reportedly doing well, informed the hospital today.  Anežka (1400g) and Monika (1530g) were born first, Klára (1450g) and Ondřej (1660g) were born next.

“The birth of a child is always a special life event. The birth of quadruplets is a truly miraculous event,” said the director of Motol hospital.

The quadruplets are the 22nd to have been born in this country since 1950. 

The number of multiple births has been decreasing in the Czech Republic in the past few years and last year, 1630 twins and triplets were born in a country with 10.5 million inhabitants, according to a demographic booklet of the Czech Statistical Office.

In the past 25 years, the highest number of triplets was born in 1997 (35), and the highest twin rate was in 2010 (2446).

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