First 3D-Printed Tram Stop Installed in Prague

A new tram stop shelter was unveiled at the Stromovka stop in Prague 7 yesterday, and this one has an interesting twist: it was created using 3D printing technology, the first of its kind produced in the Czech Republic

It was created using robotic 3D-printing technology from ultra-high-efficiency concrete (UHPC). Production took only 36 hours.

“In addition to the speed of production, other important advantages are the minimal use of steel, which is currently in short supply, no need for maintenance, as well as countless opportunities to change the design, which allows creating a specific pavilion for a particular selected location”, the company said.

The glass roof of the pavilion can change its illumination with the help of built-in LED diodes.

The tram stop shelter was printed by the company So Concrete founded by the artist Federico Díaz and the co-owner of the development company Karlín Group Serge Borenstein.

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