Fine Dining in Prague During the Coronavirus? We’ve Got You Covered!

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has halted the city’s restaurant industry. With sit-down dining no longer an option, many places have turned their focus to offering delivery and curbside pickup. Some are throwing in extra discounts and incentives for ordering while others are featuring special family-style meals.

In this time of crisis and uncertainty, we all look forward to treating ourselves with comfort food and fatty pleasures. Ristorantino da Matteo in Letna has developed a guilt-free food delivery that will brighten your spirit.

At this well-known Roman restaurant, you can really breathe a real Italian atmosphere.

Matteo Brogi, owner and chef, creates a tasty menu that is different every day. Portions are small so you can sample 6 courses: 5 meat or fish courses plus one dessert. The price is tasty too… 490 CZK including packaging and delivery to your door.

“We decided to do something different from the others, offering to our customers a more creative lunch by creating these “lunch menu boxes”. There are six small portions of Italian food, including dessert,” said the restaurant owner and chef Matteo Brogi.

The menu is published on the restaurant Facebook page and personal profile Matteo Brogi on Instagram.

How does it work?

  • You can send an SMS to the personal phone number (+ 420 604 633 613) with the number of boxes you want to order, the name and address.
  • Orders are accepted the day before by 23:00.
  • The total cost is 490 CZK

Matteo Brogi – Source: Facebook page


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