Finding a Reliable Handyman in Prague

handyman in prague

Whether you rent an apartment or own your own home, you’re going to have problems with electricity, plumbing, leaks, and countless other annoyances.

Unless you have an exceptionally knowledgeable landlord who is available 24/7, or you, yourself, work as a handyman, you’re going to need to hire one. Where can you go to find an English-speaking handyman in Prague?

Handyman in Prague

Works include furniture assembly and disassembly, bathroom caulking, countertop replacement, sink installations, painting, laying carpet, gardening, and minor plumbing and electrical works. The website is entirely in English.

Services For Foreigners

This company provides delivery of various items, including appliances; changing bulbs; furniture assembly and disassembly; laying floor tiles; installation of domestic appliances; and home repairs. The website is entirely in English.


Handyman services aren’t the only thing available from this company. It also offers moving, masonry, and cleaning services. Handyman services include cleaning clogged drains, interior and exterior painting, installation of appliances, installation and replacement of locks, gardening (including lawn mowing), furniture transportation, replacement of light fixtures, and minor construction work. Weekend and holiday work provided at no extra charge. The website is entirely in English.

Handyman Services

These services are offered through Prague Property Management. Masonry, furniture assembly, replacement of locks, lawn

mowing, hanging paintings and mirrors, painting, replacing sinks, and swimming pool cleaning are all on offer. The website is available in Czech, English, and Russian.

This website offers a multitude of services to foreigners in Prague as well as other major cities in the Czech Republic, including Brno, Plzeň, and Olomouc. Handyman services include interior painting and wallpapering, furniture repair, raking leaves, locksmith services (including cutting new keys), laying and repairing floors, installing blinds, and laying carpet. The website is available in Czech and English.

Handyman in Prague

This company’s handyman services encompass painting (which includes doors and window frames), assembly and disassembly of furniture, floor repairs, replacing electrical sockets and switches, bathroom caulking, changing locks, installation of laminate flooring, installing shelves, and hanging pictures.

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