Game On! A Fun and Playful Way To Discover Prague and Win 5000 CZK

find and win prague

A new «Find & Win» game was launched in Prague. As the website states “this is a game for active, fast and savvy people!”

Every Saturday, the organizers hide in the city center a branded bottle with a prize of 5000 CZK.

At a selected time, the participants receive a riddle connected with the history of Prague, famous personalities, or significant events related to the city. Whoever guesses it and gets to the secret place first, wins the game, receives money and additional bonuses.

The games are held in Czech, English, and Russian. The project started last Saturday.

The game provides an opportunity not only to test your erudition and learn new facts about the history of the city but also to earn a good amount!

The next game will take place on Saturday, December 19, at 12:00. You can find out more details here

find win prague

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