Filming Prices in Prague Public Spaces to Increase

The Prague City Hall will increase the charge of rent for filmmakers filming in public spaces at the start of next year.

For extremely popular locations such as the Old Town Square and the Charles Bridge, these figures for rent will double what they are now. For other locations, the cost for filming will increase for locations over 300 square meters.

The decision was made in advance of next year in order to give filmmakers time to prepare for the changes, says Magdaléna Králová, director of the Association of Audiovisual Producers.

On the Charles Bridge and all areas of Prague 1, the fixed price set by the city will be 250,000 crowns per day.

Filmmakers can expect to pay up to half a million crowns per day which will include the charge for renting the space, preparatory work and the clean-up afterwards.

Prices will only rise for those locations over 300 square meters. Smaller locations will remain at the current charge of 10 crowns per meter per day. 

Prague is a popular filming location with foreign filmmakers, meaning that this brings a number of traffic restrictions to the city. 

Last year popular Netflix movies and tv shows were filmed in the city, including The Gray Man, Chevalier and Carnival Row so has a widely popular interest in filming locations. 

This new increase in rent for filming has been confirmed by the Ministry of Finance and will begin at the beginning of 2023.

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