Festivals and Exhibitions in Cieszyn

A bridge is what divides the two countries, Poland and the Czech Republic, in a city called Cieszyn. This bridge doesn’t serve as a border between the two countries but rather a bridge for cultural cooperation between the countries.

Add the prefix Cieszky Tesin and Polski Cieszyn, and you’ve got the name of the city in the respective countries. If you’re up for a Czech beer like Pilsen, don’t hesitate to cross the border to have one in the Czech pubs in Český Těšín.

If you’re more of a Lech fan, Polish bars are only a few steps away from the bridge. If you enjoy playing at Casimba, Casino Moravia is the casino nearest to the Czech borders. You will hardly notice the difference whether you’re in Czechia or Poland, and it’s the moment when you realize that it doesn’t even matter because you can have the best of both worlds in the two parts of the same city.

The History of Cieszyn

Cieszyn plays an important role in Polish history. Indeed, it has remained its most important historical landscapes in the Polish part of the city of since the division of the city in 1920. Český Těšín, on the other hand, has remained its old houses architectural influence in the landmarks of the Austro-Hungarian times. Cieszyn is a multicultural place where apart from Polish and Czechs used to live Germans, Hungarians, and Jews.

This place where cultures meet is something that you feel the moment you enter the city, and a reason plus to be a cross-cultural spot for festivals, museum exhibitions, and other cultural events. Here are some of the annual events in this city that visitors should have a look at while planning their trip to Cieszky Tesin or Cieszyn.

Festivals and Exhibitions

Not many would expect the city of that size would be a place that welcomes visitors from abroad to enjoy festivals, exhibitions, and other cultural events. There is a number of festivals that take place every year in Cieszyn like the Tea Festival, where a lot of workshops, concerts, or traveler’s meetings are taking place. If you stand behind the idea of Art for art’s sake, you should pay a visit to the Summer Frames Festival and Circles of Art Festival where exhibitions are shown, plays are performed, international movies are projected, and concerts are taking place.

Kino na Hranici/ Kino na Granicy

The most important cultural event in Cieszyn is the festival Kino na Granicy, or Kino na Hranici, a festival uniting the two parts of the city every year between April and May. The movies that are projected on these festivals are usually from Czech and Polish production, as well as from the film industry of the neighboring countries. The festival acts as a cultural bridge between the two countries, the movie is projected in the Polish part of the city near the Olza river, while visitors are sitting in the Czech part of the city.

If you’re planning a visit to Czechia or Poland, Cieszyn is the place that you should definitely visit.

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