Festival of Contemporary Art 4+4 Days in Motion Gets Underway in Prague

Festival of Contemporary Art 4+4 Days in Motion

The 26th year of the international festival of contemporary art 4+4 Days in Motion started on September 9 with a vernissage of contemporary art, performance, music and a program for children.

The festival will take place in the building of Nová strašnická škola in Prague 10 and Vzlet in Vršovice until September 26.

This year’s festival theme Reality do you need me? – an examination of reality, its forms and our grasp on it – became an inspiration for two dozen exhibition curators.

The festival will also host several premieres such as “Sentimetal – Noc, kdy na Kavčím plácku umřel Michael Jackson a Orestés se na to jenom díval“ (Sentimetal – The Night when Michael Jackson Died on Kavčí Plácek and Orestes Only Watched) by the VOSTO5 company, Zuzana Šklíbová, Antonie Formanová and Karin Vápeníčková will present Papagen to the public, Veronika Knytlová will offer “Možnosti spříznění“ (Possibilities of Affinity). Other performers will include Divadlo Continuo, Kolektiv Nesladim, Michal Nikodem, Tomáš Janypka and Die Früchte.

From abroad the 4 + 4 Days in Motion will welcome collectives Motus, Superamas, Debris, L. Bobalik, M. Hriešik or Diederik Peeters.

The music program offers Zatrestband, WWW Neurobeat, Shizzle Orchestra, Dukla, Petra Ernyei, František Skála & Třaskavá směs and many more. During a special acoustic concert called “Atmosféra je teď a tady“ (Atmosphere is Here and Now) we will see performances from Václav Havelka, Never Sol, Marwan Alsolaiman, Terezie Kovalová, Vojta Nýdl with Vít Křišťan and Viah.

A rich program is prepared also for children and their parents: theatre performances by Divadlo Nosorožec, Československé Klacky, Loutky bez hranic, Divadlo Anička a letadýlko, Divadlo UJETO, Studio Damúza and others, children, school classes and parents are invited to educational workshops with the Máš umělecké střevo? platform and Aeroškola.

The festival-goers can further expect guided walks around Strašnice and the Solidarita housing development, a bike ride, film screenings, professional field-specific conferences and round tables or ceremonial announcements of the Věra Jirousová Prize.

Entrance to the exhibition and most performances is free, however, with respect to the limited capacity, it is necessary to make a booking. Information about tickets, bookings and programs can be found here.


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