What to Do in Prague in February: The Main Events

1. Imaginarium at Chvaly Chateau

Let yourself draw into the celebration of human creativity and craft with the unique project of Imaginarium Forman Brothers Theatre and their friends that will last the whole of February until 11 June at Chvaly Chateau! The exhibition will intoduce to us the fantastic and mysterious world of nomadic theatre makers and peculiar artists which will be accompanied by program full of amazing puppet and theatre performances, art workshops and concerts. The exhibition returns to its homeland after several exhibitions in Italy, Germany, Denmark or France.

2. Carnivals in Prague

February is well-known for its carnivals and this time it will be no different! On 18 February (Saturday), you will have the chance to come to carnivals which will take place throughout the whole of Prague. Join the traditional carnival parade of masks, watch theatre performances, eat delicious food and drinks and enjoy the cheerful music at the scenery of Mala Strana and Hradčany, Opatov, Kbely, Fajnový dvůr, Letňany, Karlín and many others!

3. Festival KUK for children

From 23 to 25 February, you will have the great chance to bring your children to Pragovka (Prague 9), where festival KUK for children from 10 months to 3 years will take place for the very first time! If you bring them there, it is guaranteed that they won’t be bored. For example, they can discover the haptic carpet, the world of plants from a bug’s point of view, play in the soft climbing frame, train their fingers at the play boards or relax in the Indian village.

4. SWAP Prague

In case you have some clothes or other things you no longer need or you want to buy something new, you will have the chance to do so on 12 February! The event will be held in KC Vozovna where you can bring clothes, household items, accessories, decorations, drugstore, sporting goods, inappropriate gifts, books and other small items. For a reward, you can take away other items that will be useful to you. Come and support the sustainable idea of sharing things, not buying, recycling and upcycling.

5. Cirkopolis Prague

This month, you will have the chance to enjoy breathtaking performances during international festival of new circus – Cirkopolis! Its 10th-anniversary winter edition will happen from 12 to 18 February at various places throughout Prague such as Palác Akropolis, Kasárna Karlín, PONEC – Divadlo pro tanec or DOX. The performers from Czechia, France, Spain, Italy, Germany and much more will be there to demonstrate how far one’s physical and mental limits can be pushed.

6. Pork Fest Prague

Make yourself treated by classic delicacies from the smokehouses, killing and street food specialties on 25 February at Pork Fest! You may look forward to sausages, speck, smoked ham, piglets rotating on the spit, jitrnice, jelito, prejt, tlačenka, prdelačka or ovar. What is more, there is going to be also something sweet in case you want something elste to eat. The whole day will be accompanied by live music. Come to Smíchov embarkment and make your Saturday more enjoyable with great food and a pleasant atmosphere at this year’s Pork Festival.

7. Big Children’s Masquerade Ball

During the last weekend of February, on Saturday 25th, you will have a great opportunity to bring your children to Big Children’s Masquerade Ball that will be held in Chvalská stodola (Prague 9). You may look forward to lots of fun, great games that will make them occupied, a raffle, a wild mask dance, refreshments and much more. It is guaranteed that you will not be bored. If you dress yourself and your children in some mask and you will be even rewared for a family mask!

8. Barista of the Year – coffee festival

All coffee lovers will find their own during the last weekend of February! The annual Barista of the year, which is the national barista championship will take place also this year from 25 to 26 February at New Town Hall. You will have the chance to see the best of the best in the categories Barista and Latte Art. What is more, you may look forward to fine and delicious coffee, hear interesting lectures and meet the Czech coffee community.

9. Malá Inventura Festival

During February, you will have the opportunity to visit the 21st edition of the festival of new theatre Malá Inventura, which will take place in Prague. The program is packed with 35 theatre events that will be presented on 20 festival stages throughout the city. The main idea of this festival is to bring a retrospective of the most outstanding premieres of the past year in the field of new theatre. Among the themes, one can find pressing social, artistic issues and many others topics.

10. Opening of farmer’s markets

On Saturday, 4 February, you may look forward to the opening of your favourite farmer’s markets at Kubáň and Náplavka. From now on, until the Christmas period, you may look forward to them every wee with their high quality and local goods! What is more, Farmer’s markets at Kubáň has prepared for you this day a special opening roasting of good quality sausages on an open fire in a steel basket.

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