Fast Food Chain Multifood Opens New Location at Centrum Černý Most

Multifood, a fast-food chain known for its pay-by-weight buffet style, has recently opened its largest location in Prague at Centrum Černý Most. This newly emerging fast-food chain focuses on homemade international cuisine made with fresh ingredients.

This is the most recent branch of the Multifood chain, which has expanded to operating six locations since its creation in 2018. Multifood is a product of the Ostrava-based Dang Investment Group, which also manages Guty, and Asian food chain with over 50 branches in the Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia, as well as restaurant chains Ngochan and Rakki Sushi.

Dang Investment Group plans to open six more Multifood locations by the end of the year. According to Wozniak, the brand intends to expand to 30 locations within the next three years.

“Each branch should be a little different,” said Wozniak. “It should be international cuisine and the menu should be as wide as possible to reach as many customers as possible.”

In addition to the traditional Czech cuisine, this branch will offer Vietnamese, Italian, Mexican, and a wide selection of other choices, including vegetarian options. Tomáš Kučera, the head chef at the new Multifood restaurant at Cerny Most, makes all meals fresh daily.

 “Our chefs have relatively free hands when cooking,” said Jan Wozniak, the sales manager responsible for the expansion of Multifood branches throughout the Czech Republic. “As a result, the choice of meals is very diverse, and we always take into account the specific experience of our chefs,”

According to Wozniak, the aim of Multifood is to offer Czech customers affordable food from fresh ingredients. The food is served buffet-style, and customers pay for everything by weight- 100 grams for 29 crowns. If you come in to eat after 6 p.m., all meals are discounted by 20 percent. After 8 p.m. the discount increases to 40 percent.

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