Fare Dodgers Can Now Pay Fines Online

pay fine online prague

Paying fines for fare-dodging in Prague has become easier.

Prague Public Transport (DPP) introduced a new possibility of paying a fine online via their official e-shop.

If a passenger does not have a ticket, he/she has the opportunity to pay the reduced amount of CZK 800 through the e-shop within 5 working days.

If you don’t have a valid ticket, the basic fine is CZK 1,500, which is reduced to CZK 800, if you pay immediately or within 15 calendar days of the ticket inspection.

In 2019, DPP inspectors checked 6.8 million passengers and imposed over 247,000 fines, 5.6 percent more year-on-year. From 2019, the fine can also be paid by card during the inspection. The “Fine for Half” (Pokuta za půlku) measure has been in place since 23 October 2017.

How to pay a fine online?

  • Log in to the DPP e-shop.
  • Select the Fines (Pokuty) option in the menu.
  • Then fill in the number from the Record of the performed transport inspection (ZOPPK) and click on Search.
  • If you had purchased a valid coupon at the time of the transport inspection (so, you only forgot it), or if you purchased an annual full coupon as part of the Penalty action within half of 5 working days, click on the Verify (Ověřit) coupon option. The system automatically evaluates the ownership of the coupon and reduces the amount of the fine. *
  • If you have not purchased a coupon, go to the Payment section (Platba) by pressing the Pay (Zaplatit) button. The amount of the fine for timely payment (within 15 days) will be reduced automatically when selecting the type of payment.
  • Payment can be made by credit cards, via ČSOB, Poštovní spořitelna and via Servis24 of Česká spořitelna.
    * valid only for coupons purchased through the DPP e-shop or pidlitacka.cz

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