Fantova Kavárna – Beautiful Train Station Cafe

The old main building and entrance to the Prague main train station was built in Art Nouveau style. Before the opening of the underground part of the station and the highway in front of the building in the ’70s, this was the place you could buy your ticket and wait for your train.

Today, it is a bit more complicated to find the way to a place called Fantova kavárna but for me, it is definitely worth it. You can sit here for a coffee – since 2013 there has been a café here again – and enjoy the exceptional interior of the train station.

I spend most of the time here with my head up looking at the many statues and coats of arms up there at the ceiling – these are the symbols of the Czech cities connected with this station by railway at the time this station was built (which was at the end of the 19th century).

If you want to enjoy a coffee at Fantova kavárna today, you can sit either outside the actual café Coffee Day or go inside. I strongly suggest staying outside and enjoying the feeling travelers used to have one hundred years ago. Distant trains sounds, the rush of distant traveling and a relaxing interior — what more could you want before you catch your train?

Author: Janina MichlováYou can find the original article here

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