FAMU in Prague to Launch Summer Filmmaking Campus

Whether you love movies and want to make your own but haven’t even touched a camera before or you’ve already got working professional experience but want the deep practice needed to accelerate your skills in new areas – you’ll find new inspiration whilst developing a whole range of new skills in the FAMU Summer Filmmaking Campus.

Starting on July 17 and finishing on August 14, you’ll develop a range of creative approaches and develop new skills in the fields of directing, cinematography, sound design, and editing.

Outside of class, you can immerse yourself into Prague’s eclectic film scene and thriving film industry to form connections with the international film community.

The program:

– 4 weeks of intense schooling by experienced professionals and teachers
– Analogue film shooting, developing and editing to start with
– Photographic exercises
– Major project developed, shot and edited in groups of 4
– Good quality accommodation in the wider center of Prague
– Cultural and historical excursions

Who should apply?

Students, young aspiring professionals, creative people with certain artistic experience

About FAMU

Film and TV School (FAMU) is an integral part of The Academy of Performing Arts, which was founded after World War II, in 1947. It is the fifth oldest film school in the world. Its graduates include numerous influential filmmakers and scriptwriters, many known within international contexts such as Oscar winners or laureates of international film festivals.

In the early 1960s, it served as an incubator for young artists who subsequently became famous as the Czechoslovak New Wave.  It was the greatest contribution to the world’s cinematography until then, and it earned Czechoslovakia – inter alia – two Oscars for Best Foreign Films.

Today, FAMU is featured on the list of TOP 15 international film schools as published annually by The Hollywood Reporter, and the students, teachers, and graduates are successful both domestically and internationally.

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