Famous Actor Keanu Reeves Spotted in Prague

The rumor that the famous actor Keanu Reeves is currently filming a secret project in Prague has most likely been confirmed.

The first photos of Czech fans have leaked to the Internet.

Who can resist taking a picture with John Wick or Neither from The Matrix?

The first fans met the famous star Keanu Reeves (58) in the restaurant Taiko Ramen and Instagram was flooded with selfies with the movie star.

He is supposed to be filming a sequel to the successful John Wick series in Prague, but the actual me of the project is still being kept under wraps.

Keanu Reeves became famous in the film industry at a young age. Before taking on the role of the protagonist of The Matrix, he rose to fame in classic films such as Dracula (1992) or Johnny Mnemonic (1995).

Reeves is considered not only an excellent actor, but also a person with great character in the Hollywood environment. Many colleagues and fans respect him for his legendary modesty and kindness even to the common people he meets.


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The stories of people who met him and were stunned by his gentle and warm ture have long flooded the Internet. And it is possible that you, too, will be lucky enough to get acquainted with his legendary charisma while walking around Prague.

One thing is for sure – soon we will see more photos on the Internet from all the fans of his films, who will be honored to meet the iconic actor on the streets.

And who knows, maybe you will be lucky too.

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