Face Masks Will No Longer be Mandatory in Shops From March 14

People will not have to wear respirators in the shops as of March 14, as they will remain obligatory only in public transport, health care, and social services.

At present, respirators are obligatory in all public indoor spaces.

“If the favorable development continues, we will put phase-out respirators completely during April,” tweeted the Minister of Health Vlastimil Válek (TOP 09).

From Monday onwards, respirators will therefore be obligatory only in public transport (trams, trains, buses and cable cars, and cabs), as well as in social services facilities, including homes for the elderly, homes for people with disabilities, and in care centers.

The Czech government lifted all limits on the number of people attending any public gatherings, including sports matches and concerts, on March 1.

The Czech Republic has over 6.8 million people considered fully vaccinated and almost 4 million who have received a booster shot. Overall, the Czech Republic has registered over 38 thousand virus-related deaths.

The first cases of infection with a new type of coronavirus in the Czech Republic occurred on 1 March 2020, while the obligation to wear a mask began almost two years ago on 18 March.

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