No Vaccines, No Dinner: Indoor Czech Restaurants Accept Only Inoculated Customers

The rate of Covid-19 infections is rapidly accelerating in the Czech Republic, and there is great concern amongst experts that the situation will not be improving any time soon.

In fact, the statistics are worryingly like those of last September, which eventually ended in a lockdown for the country.

The Czech government today afternoon approved further tightening of measures.

Starting November 1, restaurants and cafes in the Czech Republic can only admit customers who have been vaccinated against COVID-19, recovered from the coronavirus or can produce a negative test.

“We are on the risk curve. Measures must be taken,” he warned. 

Moreover, from October 25, it will be mandatory to wear respirators in all indoor areas, including workplaces.

According to recent predictions, the current number of hospitalizations were not expected to reach the current numbers until next week.

The head of the Institute of Health Information and Statistics, Ladislav Dušek, explained that some regions already have a community spread of a highly contagious form of the virus.

“It’s almost déja-vu,” he added.

According to him, the only thing that will reduce the cases is at least a partial vaccination coverage of the Czech population. 

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš has repeated several times that there is no danger of a complete lockdown like there was a year ago and instead called on everyone to get vaccinated.

According to him, three-quarters of those hospitalized now are unvaccinated.

The Ministry of Health also wants children over the age of twelve to wear a mask, even when in the classroom.

The government will also soon discuss the issue of allowing unvaccinated people into events and decreasing numbers at mass events.

It comes as 3,246 new cases were confirmed on Tuesday, more than the highest amount last September which was 3,125.

At the end of last September, there were almost 700 patients in hospitals, and this Tuesday there are 620, of which 250 were in intensive care units.

It was on October 5 last year when the government took its first drastic measures, and as the number of hospitalized and infected continues to grow, could it only be a matter of time before the country is forced into a similar situation?


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