Exhibition: 1989: Fall of the Iron Curtain

The exhibition in the Summer Palace and the surrounding garden is devoted to the year 1989.

Almost 70 Czech, Slovak, and several foreign photographers offer their authentic testimony about what happened before 30 years in the time when the countries of the so-called Socialist Bloc began to move towards democracy and freedom.

Visitors will see pictures of Jindřich Šreit, Viktor Kolář, Vladimír Birgus, Pavel Štecha, Herbert Slavík, Jan Šilpoch, Karol Kállay, Andrej Bán, Dana Kyndrová, Miroslav Zajíc, Jaroslav Kučera and others.

“It is a selection of truly unique moments that often do not need any further words or explanations,” a castle spokesperson commented. “They accurately reflect the unique atmosphere, enthusiasm, hope, determination, and desire for freedom. Outside and inside, there are screens showing the most important events.”

“We contacted dozens of photographers from all over the country and the preparation took exactly one year,” commented photographer Kučera, who came up with the idea of organising such a large exhibition.

“And it was necessary to do it now, on the 30th anniversary, while we still have the power to complete such a big project,” he added, referring to the fact that the exhibition was put together by those people that experienced the Velvet Revolution first hand.

According to the organisers, the aim of the exhibition is to get new generations closer to those dramatic events, more than history textbooks could ever do.

More details here.

© Jaroslav Kučera
© Jaroslav Kučera
© Jaroslav Kučera
© Jaroslav Kučera
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