Exciting as Ever: The Gambling Scene in Europe

The gaming industries across Europe are some of the most successful in the world. European gambling creates thousands of jobs, millions in taxes and invaluable memories for anyone lucky enough to visit the best casinos on the continent.

Even the European countries that were lacking behind have loosened their gaming restrictions and are preparing for lift-off within their new industry. For example, Germany has recently revised its strict gambling laws to create a new casino sector that will contribute to the country’s job opportunities and tourism trade.

But which European countries already have established and flourishing gambling industries?

The Best Gambling Spots in Europe

1. Malta

Malta is one of the European destinations with the least strict gaming laws. The result is that the best and most successful operators have flocked to the island and set up what can only be described as a sandy gambling paradise. Malta also made it into the best European gambling destinations, and many enthusiasts recommend any visitor to check out the Portomaso Casino.

2. Czech Republic

The Czech Republic also has relaxed gaming rules and the capital, Prague, is renowned for its nightlife. The gambling scene is equally infamous with a string of first-class operators situated in ornate buildings, applying that classy touch to any evening. Most Prague casinos are free to enter with the most popular among locals and tourists the Banco Casino. You will have to ditch your trainers and polish your shoes if you want in. You’ve been warned!

For other great Prague casinos, check out our recent gambling in Prague guide!

3. Monaco

If you want the classiest and most luxurious betting experience in Europe, there is no better place than Monaco. Known for accommodating the rich and famous, here you will find casinos with famous Michelin Star restaurants inside them and the most elegant surroundings. And when you leave the blackjack table for a while, you can enjoy sun-drenched cafes and other beauty spots along the Med.

4. France

When you think of France, you may begin to think of fashion, pastries and the Eifel Tower. But France also has a thriving gaming industry and is the birthplace of one of the most classic and popular games of all time – Roulette. There are two casinos you must visit next time you are in Paris, and they are called Le Cercle Central and Cercle Clichy Montmartre. These exquisite buildings are perfect for gambling.

5. The UK

The UK has one of the most profitable online gambling industries in the world, mostly thanks to a culture of football betting among sports fans. But there are also some famous bricks-and-mortar establishments in the UK, especially in the capital. For the most esteemed evening, head to Park Lane and the Les Ambassadeurs Casino situated in a grand Victorian house with a restaurant to boot. Or for more relaxed gaming, why not try one of the casino chains dotted around the city?

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