New Payment System Exactly to be Launched in the Czech Market

Exactly is launching its payment system in the Czech market. It offers payments across the globe and multi-currency accounts in a personalized digital wallet.

Exactly will differentiate from its competitors with better prices and no hidden charges, building on its extensive international experience. The new solutions will benefit primarily online shops and start-ups.

Exactly is coming to the domestic market with an offer of affordable and personalized international payment solutions for businesses and entrepreneurs. It brings a highly reliable payment gateway and a number of additional and analytic tools. The unique payment system excels with its price, simple implementation and wide availability of payment methods.

“We offer our clients conducting online business convenient processing of international payments for services and products in almost all countries and supporting various payment options. Our intuitive payment gateway will benefit primarily e-shop and start-up owners. Unlike other transaction processors, we will also provide greater coverage and bank guarantees,” said Micha Šejba, regional manager of Exactly.

Simple and with no charges

In addition to international support, Exactly’s clients will also appreciate a modern approach to the management of their finances. The company brings an innovative solution in the form of an electronic wallet, which can manage multi-currency accounts while integrating batch payments and generating invoices. In effect, clients can save on currency commissions and avoid unnecessary paperwork.

“We are catering to our clients in terms of pricing as well. In addition to a better price, we do not charge our customers any fees for transactions, turnover or account management. This way, clients are 100% in control of their finances,” explains Michal Šejba and adds: “Unlike our competitors, our payment system is simpler to implement and it benefits from sophisticated technical support”.

The system is fully personalized and includes, among other features, sophisticated technical support. Exactly has a wealth of international experience and compatibility with a wide range of payment methods – something that international merchants and Czechs living abroad will appreciate.

Exactly’s partner program brings its clients advanced services such as monitoring and analysis of their customers’ payments, generating statistics and overviews on the basis of that. This provides individualized data about various clients and their integration and profitability. Based on the personalized data, partners can easily build strategies for flexible development of their business.

About Exactly:

Exactly is an international expert in payment solutions with more than 150 international partners. It provides its clients with a personalised payment gateway and digital wallet services that support seamless international transactions, currency conversions and additional tools in the form of customised overviews and analysis. More information is available here

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