Events Up to 300 People Allowed From May 25

Group events indoors and outdoors will be allowed for a maximum of 300 people from 25 May.

If the epidemic remains under control, the capacity will increase to 500 people from June 8 and to 1,000 from June 22, said Health Minister Adam Vojtech. However, it will be necessary to keep a safe distance.

  • From 25 May, visits to hospitals and nursing homes will also be allowed.
  • Inside the restaurant, the staff will have to wear a face mask and guests can take it off only while eating and drinking
  • Establishments have to remain closed between 23:00 and 06:00. During this time, they can only operate through a window.
  • In swimming pools, people will have to wear face masks – they will not be necessary only in water or on a lounger or towel.
  • From 25 May, citizens will be able to visit the interiors of state castles and chateaux as well as zoos.
  • Face masks, on the other hand, will not be mandatory outdoors, while maintaining a safe distance.

“We still do not underestimate the situation,” said Rastislav Maďar. “The virus is still here and that is why people should follow the rules. Wear the face mask, and keep a safe distance when possible” he added.

The Czech Republic had 8,352 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection by Friday morning. So far 5,249 people have recovered and 293 people have died.

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