Europe’s Biggest Habits, From Smoking To Coffee

Which habit do Europeans find the hardest to give up? With lifelong habits taking an iron will to give up, experts at ICE Headshop utilised online analytics tool SEMrush to analyse phrases for the most common habits to establish which Europeans were trying to conquer most.

Furthermore, Helen Norbury, Lifecoach and wellbeing expert, offer their expertise on how to kick your bad habits to the curb.

Of the 40 European countries analysed 28 find smoking to be their hardest habit to give up, with combined online searches of 850,440 each year from Europeans hoping to find tips on breaking their nicotine habit.

The United Kingdom (166,440), Turkey (124,560) and Spain (122,040) were among the top searchers.

Czech Republic’s hardest habit is also smoking, with 18,360 searches.

Alcohol is the second hardest habit to give up and features in the top results for many European countries, but is the hardest habit to break for just seven. Combined online searches for quitting alcohol reach over 312,000 annually.

Bulgaria (2,040), Italy (32,760) and Lithuania (3,120) among those who find alcohol the hardest to part with.

Dan Currey, Director at, commented on the findings:

“Understanding your health and behavioural patterns is important when navigating personal habits and exploring how to overcome them. Brits’ searches show a desire to better themselves and kick their worst habits once and for all, which depending on the habit could free up some time and perhaps even some cash.”

The third hardest habit to break across Europe is sugar, with Belgium (6,000) and Luxembourg (1,560) among the four countries that find kicking their sugar cravings the hardest. Combined yearly searches total 98,520, on average.

Coffee is the fourth hardest habit to break for Europeans. Combined annual searches for how to stop drinking the addictive hot beverage reach just over 35,000. With Serbia (1,560) being the sole country to find kicking coffee to the curb the hardest.

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