European Parliament Prepares Resolution Declaring EU as ‘LGBTIQ Freedom Zone’

LGBTIQ Freedom Zone

The European Parliament is to debate a resolution on declaring the European Union an ‘LGBTIQ freedom zone’, supported by some of Polish MEPs.

The resolution will mark the sad second anniversary of the first “LGBT-free” zone in Poland’s Świdnik county, which now covers around a third of the country.

The document was prepared by MEPs, including Polish ones, from the European People’s Party, the socialists, Renew Europe, the Greens, and the Left.

“Combating inequality in the EU is a shared responsibility, requiring joint efforts and action at every level of government,” the resolution reads.

The document calls for the European Commission to not hesitate in using any tools available to oppose the violation of the basic rights of LGBTIQ people in the EU.

Hungary and Poland are not the only ones targeted by the resolution, said German Green MEP Terry Reintke, co-chair of the European Parliament’s LGBTIQ intergroup, saying the situation “is still worrying” throughout the EU bloc.

The resolution is largely symbolic and will not imply a political procedure or have direct legal consequences. But the intergroup intends to start a conversation with political leaders at a national, regional, and local level in order to identify concrete actions that can be taken.

“We want to see what other actors have to say, to understand what can be done at the political level and by society,” she said.

“It is equally a signal to elected politicians, governments and decision-makers that discrimination against LGBTIQ persons in any way or form does not comply with European values,” the LGBTI Intergroup further state.

The LGBTI Intergroup are expecting the resolution to be voted in with a vast majority, while also calling for an online protest.

Alongside the declaration of the EU as an “LGBTIQ freedom zone”, they are asking for the LGBTQ+ community, allies, and human rights groups to engage with a social media campaign.

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