Tomorrow Starts the “European Mobility Week” in Prague

european mobility week prague

Safe and Healthy with Sustainable Mobility” — this is the motto of this year’s mobility week, which begins on September 16 and ends with the International Car Free Day on Friday 22 September.

In 2021, the European Mobility Week annual theme is ‘Safe and Healthy with Sustainable Mobility‘, in line with the wishes of local campaigners to contribute to mental and physical health and the overall well-being of residents.

The aim is to encourage Prague’s residents to think more about what mode of transport to choose, to try something new and to change how they get around in the city for a week.

During the event, Prague residents and visitors to the Czech capital can look forward to trying out historical trains, buses, and trams, visit the Museum of Public Transport, and avail of a free mobile bicycle service, which will take place in two different places every day.

“I would like to invite all Praguers to the European Mobility Week, which is full of activities and an interesting program. This campaign has been organized with the aim of promoting environmentally-friendly forms of transport and thus contributing not only to a more pleasant environment in the city but also to the health of its inhabitants,” Deputy Mayor Adam Scheinherr, responsible for transport, said.

As part of the program, Praguers can look forward to the neighboring festival Experience the City Differently! on Saturday, September 18.

With more towns and cities joining every year, and with its huge media appeal, the campaign is widely recognized as a driving force towards sustainable urban mobility in Europe and beyond.


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