Prague Celebrates European Mobility Week

European Mobility Week 2020 started in Prague on Wednesday, 16th of September. The event offers numerous events focusing on active and more environmentally friendly modes of transportation.

As in previous years, European Mobility Week 2020 will also be an opportunity to take part in other events that bring together cities across Europe.

The main topic of this year’s European Mobility Week is Emission-free Mobility for All. The motto ‘Your Style, Your Choice’ urges the people of Prague to take responsibility for their choice of transport.

The aim is to encourage Prague’s residents to think more about what mode of transport to choose, to try something new and to change how they get around in the city for a week.

During the event, Prague residents and visitors to the Czech capital can look forward to trying out historical trains, buses, and trams, visit the Museum of Public Transport, and avail of a free mobile bicycle service, which will take place in two different places every day.

Prague’s railway stations will offer morning coffee along with the news from the Prague railway transport during the Breakfast on the Platform event. And for experts, conferences on green mobility and sustainable public transport will take place.


  • 18 September: Free mobile bike service
  • 19 September: Car-free day (4 areas), Community event Zažít město jinak (Experience the City Differently), 120th anniversary of the Posázavský Pacific and 80 years of the steamer Vltava (adventure rides), Open Museum of Public Transport with a concert, Free mobile bike service
  • 20 September: Bikeride, Open Museum of Public Transport with a concert, Free mobile bike service
  • 21 September: Conference “Smart and clean mobility” with an outdoor exhibition, Free mobile bike service
  • 22 September: Outdoor event “Car-free life”, New opportunities for active mobility in Prague (working meeting and seminar), Free mobile bike service

Further information can be found at The webpage is in Czech.

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