European Heritage Days Opens Closed Doors in Prague

Some buildings will be open across Prague and the rest of the Czech Republic as part of European Heritage Days, held September 11–19.

The goal of the European Heritage Days, which have been taking place since 1991, is to broaden and increase the general awareness and protection of Czech cultural heritage.

The Czech Republic’s European Heritage Days – Dny Evropského Dědictví – this year focuses on the theme of ‘Monuments for All’.

The celebrations will start with the opening of an exhibition of folk crafts at the Gallery of the Slovácko Museum and ceremonial presentation of titles to people demonstrating expertise in traditional crafts from lime plastering to embroidery, followed by a gala evening on the 10th of September.

During the weekend itself, architecture across the country will be highlighted, including the Baroque fountains at Uničov, while other places which are not normally open to the public will open their doors, including the Printing House at Litomyšl which will be presenting readings of the work Božena Němcová as well as offering jazz music and dancing.

Museums will also be taking part, such as The Glass Museum at Kamenický Šenov which will be opening its permanent display of engraved and cut glass for free entry, including its collection of historic crystal pendant chandeliers, as well as an exhibition about the local glassmaking school which is the oldest in the world.

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